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Making Sausages

Watch me demonstrate how to use a home sausage stuffing machine to make your own Cumberland style sausage


Apple Pie Granola

Let me show you how to make your own tasty and healthy granola at home


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Image of a pair of dumbells, a glass of water with an orange tablet fizzing in it and two more tablets next to it on a tile surface

The 5 Supplements that I use…

Curious to know which supplements I use and why? Come and find out.

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Dieting; A Feminist Issue?

Is dieting a feminist issue? What is the history of diets being used as a tool of oppression?

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Plate of Cheesy Courgette Muffins

Cheesy Courgette Muffins

Recipe for low carb, cheesy courgette muffins…YUM!

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