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It’s a new month and time for another product review 🙂 Once again this came as a free sample from a magazine, so while I did not explicitly pay for this product I also have not been directly sent it or asked to review it. So bare honest truth (not that I would ever offer anything less).

Ingredients 4/5

The reverse side of the whey protein sachet, text that is barely legible.

I was impressed with the ingredients list – with it only having 4 ingredients – Whey Protein Concentrate, Emulsifier, Flavouring and Sucralose. In order to improve the score, I would have wanted a real vanilla extract rather than flavouring; and in an ideal world no sweetener but I’m pretty resigned now that if I want anything other than unflavoured powder it’s gonna contain a sweetener so I’m not sure I would dock points for that.

I prefer an Isolate over a Concentrate usually but I am content with a Concentrate as I often find they lend a creamier flavour to the product.

Smell – 2.5/5

Woman sniffing an open sachet of Impact Whey Protein

I have to be honest, I did not rate the smell of this as I opened the packet highly at all. Dry I judged it to be 3/5 – it smelt artificial and not entirely appetising. However….

Woman sniffing protein shaker bottle suspiciously

The smell got even WORSE after mixing it with water! Now it had a rancid milk smell along with a strong fake smell. Blended I judged it to be 2/5, so I’ve split the difference for its overall smell rating!

Mixability 5/5

Protein Shaker bottle half filled with a cream coloured liquid

Out came my good old favourite Womens Best shaker and I added the powder to 200ml of water as per the directions. A vigorous 30 second shake and the powder had dissolved into the water evenly.

This shake mixed beautifully, the texture had a silky mouthfeel to it which kept me wanting more and enjoying the way it felt in my mouth as I drank it. No powdery residues here!

Flavour 4/5

Woman drinking cream coloured liquid from a protein shaker bottle

Honestly, after sniffing it post mix, I was very nervous about putting this in my mouth and trying it. It had smelt so foul I was worried I would gag. But, thinking of you guys, I took a deep breath and a gulp.

The flavour wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, despite the aroma there was no rancid milk taste and the silky mouthfeel had me in heaven. Honestly though, there was no escaping the artificial, fake vanilla imposter flavour. 🙁 I really feel that it would be better for MyProtein to splash out a little on some real vanilla extract and get a genuine flavour because this has the potential to be a hallmark product, it just keeps on falling slightly short and mostly because of the vanilla imposter flavouring.

Sweetness 4/5

Woman holding protein shake looking unimpressed but not revolted

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised here. While a little sweeter than I would have chosen, this wasn’t so sickly sweet I wanted to spit it out and I did finish the entire shake. For me it would be better if it came unsweetened and that would have probably got it the full 5 marks, but it was okay. Not fantastic but okay.

Overall Verdict 4/5

Grey sachet; text "Impact whey protein" Yellow circle in bottom right corner text "vanilla"

So, in all honesty, this hasn’t converted me away from my usual brand of unflavoured whey protein isolate, but it was okay. The flavour could have been better but not being sickly sweet gains massive brownie points from me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this, but if my normal protein powder was unavailable I would purchase this to use as a substitute.

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