Small glass filled with an arrangement of lollipops next to a lollipop box

I didn’t have any freebies in magazines last month which gave me the perfect opportunity to order something from my wishlist that I’ve been wanting to try for a while…Koochikoo No Added Sugar Lollipops!

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Ingredients 5/5

I am a sucker for lollipops, but when it comes to staying on the sugar-free wagon AND avoiding the sweeteners that give me either an asthma attack or digestive distress, it’s been a no go for ages. Until I found Koochikoo! Their ingredients are simple; Organic Tapioca Fibre, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Natural Colours. No nasties and 5 grams of fibre a pop! Surely this is too good to be true?

Flavours 4/5

Four lollipops arranged in a fan on a paper plate

The tub of 20 I got came in a variety of four flavours that I will rank accordingly;

  1. Fuji Apple 5/5 Sour Apple lollipops are the best. Fight me. The apple flavour came through really strongly and they weren’t cheek suckingly sour, just a pleasant tingle.
  2. Pomegranate & Blueberry 5/5 Honestly, without the label I wouldn’t be able to identify the flavour beyond “mixed berry”. However it’s nice, sweet, fruity and with just the mildest touch of acidity.
  3. Pineapple & Orange 4/5 Again, I wouldn’t be able to identify beyond “citrusy tropical” without the label. These are getting to be a little more on the sour side and I’m not a huge fan of orange flavours.
  4. Blueberry & Lemon 2/5 I don’t even know how to describe this flavour to you beyond it tasted like pure acid. Well not literally, as that would burn holes in my mouth, but there was no discernible flavour. Only acid and sourness and sadness.

Suckability 5/5

Woman licking a lollipop

I do not know what type of witchcraft was employed in the making of these lollipops but they have the same texture, the same mouthfeel, the same yumminess and slight stickiness of real boiled sugar lollipops! They even have little air bubbles and you can crinch crunch them between your teeth (although why you’d want to rush the lollipop pleasure is beyond me, unless you got a blueberry lemon one).

Overall 5/5

I would definitely buy these again. Even if it would mean getting more blueberry and lemon flavour. 100% recommend. In the interests of research I have eaten up to 6 in one day (30g of fibre!) and not experienced any adverse digestive effects. These are the closest thing I have found since cutting sugar from my menu that taste like sweets, act like sweets and don’t leave funny tastes or explosive diarrhea in their wake. At the end of the day, if you need a bit of extra fibre in your menu….then who wouldn’t want it in lollipop form?

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