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Leggings, workout pants, yoga pants….whatever you call them there are always key questions. Will they be comfortable? Supportive? Do they pass the squat test? Do they stay up at the waist? What activities are they suited for?

As soon as it gets to late spring/summer and the weather turns warm enough I start living in leggings – I just find them so much more comfortable than “normal” clothing – almost as good as wearing pyjamas all day long but a bit more socially acceptable!

So without further ado; these are the 5 brands of leggings that I have tried…

5) Wish

Sometimes the adage “you get what you pay for” really is true. Although these leggings look like they have a nice thick waistband, there’s only a thin strip of elastic inside. They don’t stay up while working out, or pass the squat test.

I know Wish isn’t a brand in and of itself, but I didn’t know how else to categorise these ones. I don’t recommend getting leggings here tbh, unless you want them just for posing in (because my butt looks great in all of these). I guess some people buy clothes just for posing as seen in the adverts for swimming costumes that you can’t get wet!

Although Wish seems cheap (I don’t think any of these leggings were advertised at more than £4), by the time you add on the shipping the price frequently doubles and you find that you’re not getting quite the deal that you thought you were.

4) Tesco

Tesco have great, wide waistbands. The leggings are really secure and stay up well during HIIT workouts. They pass the squat test and my biggest bugbear is that the full length leggings (pair 2) are too long for me so I end up folding them around my ankles – not always the most comfortable positions.

Pair 1 came from the children’s section at a time when I wasn’t able to fit into adult clothing – it’s labelled as age 13-14 and I was surprised that they still stretched and fit me today (when I am in adult sizes). I liked that I was able to get workout leggings that fit me and stayed up but didn’t look to infantile.

Pair 3 were my first ever space dyed leggings and I adore the colours and how they contour my legs and buttocks; with the added bonus of being great to workout in as well as pose in.

3) Primark

Despite its reputation for “fast fashion” and “disposable clothes” I have leggings from Primark that I have been wearing to workout for over a year now.

Pair 1 are my favourite – they are the softest, fluffiest workout leggings that I own, they stay up with the nice wide waistband and the space dye effect emphasises the muscles in my lower body. I have two pairs and I wish I’d grabbed more before they all went because I’ve never found any as soft and lovely again. I will cry when these finally wear out.

Pair 2 are excellent compression leggings and I love the matching bra making them a set. The bra sadly isn’t supportive enough for anything except low impact workouts – yoga or a Friday legs and dance party workout; the legging are what we are here for though and they are fabulous. The compression helps lift and boost and relieves sore muscles, it also has the best support for my lower abdomen (where I still carry loose skin and it gets sore sometimes bouncing – like when you don’t have a sports bra supporting your chest).

Pair 3 are my newest pair. I bought these in the last month and they have the highest waist I’ve ever seen on a pair of leggings. Look! It comes all the way up to my breasts!

With the matching bra they can pass as a playsuit 😀

Pair 4 are not workout leggings but the cosy leggings range. Beautifully soft they can multi task as pyjamas, workout leggings and an extra layer under jeans for warmth in the depths of winter.

2) Sugar Pockets

Did someone say pockets?!

Last summer I wanted to be comfortable in the heat – especially as I had started leaving the house every day to walk, but I also wanted pockets so my phone would track my steps and for my keys! I searched for leggings with pockets on Amazon and voila! I found Sugar Pockets 😀

My first ever pair was pair 1 and that pair has what I call “the butt pockets”. They are comfy but I am always paranoid I’ll forget to take my phone out and crack the screen sitting on it! The others have side pockets which feel much safer!

I love the colours, and pair 4 is my most recent pair because they look “smart” for wearing out in public. However I find that they start sliding down if I bounce too much doing cardio. Great for walking, not so great for high impact workouts.

1) SeYo

With pockets large enough to fit a 500ml water bottle and a secure high waist to keep them up through a session of bouncing cardio…SEYO leggings are a win. Okay, the colours are a bit sedate, but that means I can wear them in daily life without attracting looks from strangers!

Out of all the legging picks, this is also the only pair I’ve ever managed to wear out! Almost a year of near constant wear meant that my old pair with pink striping gave out on the inner thigh earlier this week. Given that I go through a pair of jeans after 2-3 months of near constant wear this is good going though!

What’s your favourite legging brand? Does it vary between workout leggings and everyday leggings?

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